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Bob Elliott
Director of IT
Bob possesses 20 years of IT experience. His roles at ASD are divided as follows. School wide : Office staff support and IT issues, Policy adjunct, Tech Order requests, educational support, new teacher training, Sys admin for Talent Ed and Recruit jobs website.


Photo Profile and Role at ASD
Antony Rappai
Network / Helpdesk Administrator
Antony (Anto) Oversees the day-to-day functions of the IT Help-desk and Network Administration (wireless, switches, routers, firewall, servers and backups ). Fun Fact: Anto would change his name to Antonito (Little Antony) if given the opportunity. Antonito thinks that wasabi smells funky. He also could not live without FIFA 2015, which is now sponsored by wasabi, so…
Sunil Thomas
IT Security Analyst
Sunil  performs IT network risk assessments, recommend security enhancements, monitor firewall and network for security breaches. Sunil  is also administrator for Access control and CCTV systems.Fun Fact: Sunil enjoys traveling, especially to India during the monsoon season, which he cannot live without. If he could choose, Sunil would have the ability to fly. Then he could travel all the time and avoid those pricy flights and pesky attendents.
Wayan Saputra
PowerSchool System Administrator
Wayan is the PowerSchool guru and covers the following PowerSchool related sections: gradebook, report card, standards, data mining, attendance, and Naviance. Fun Fact: You will always find Wayan in a good mood when Manchester United beats Liverpool! Wayan also has a green thumb and has an epic plan to plant a grass garden on Antonito's keyboard.
Safeer Moideen
System Engineer
Primarily responsibilities include handling the server & network infrastructure and other back-end systems. Overseeing escalated helpdesk issues primarily in the Elementary school and Administration but at times overall school as well; assisting helpdesk personnel with unresolved support requests to be completed within the expected timeframe. Can be contacted for any issues related to your network/internet, emails, computer & application issues.
Shashi Krishna
IT Data Manager
Shashi manages the NESA Virtual School (NVS) and troubleshoots all issues related to it. Shashi helps maintain the Admissions and the Library Servers. He is also the liaison between PowerSchool and NVS with regards to data transfer. Additional day-to-day tech administration includes: student account creations; script maintenance for sync between the systems; and providing relevant data to communications. Fact: Shashi cannot live without social media and interaction with the world, although he would love the opportunity to visit the past and spend the day in the court of Emperor Akbar, sans Facebook. Shashi's favorite family tradition is celebrating Diwali - the festival of lights.
Jude Desouza
IT Helpdesk Analyst
Go to guy for Windows OS troubleshooting, Windows image creation specialist and deals with all sorts of printer troubleshooting. Also responsible for administering User accounts and Emails.
Adrian Lozano
IT Helpdesk Analyst
Adrian works on end user tech support, especially for MAC computers. He also inspects A/V issues and is the primariy contact person when it comes to projectors, projector software and classroom speakers. Adrian is also responsible for the streaming of live school events and archiving recorded events. He is the Destiny assets administrator and the main contact for new students who need to get their school-assigned laptops. Fun Fact: Adrian loves Durian! He has heard people describe it's smell and taste in so many "stinky" ways, but it's actually his FAVORITE FRUIT IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! He has chronic allergies and has to carry antihistamine with him at all times, so if you have any leftover alergy medicine, Adrian will take it off your hands!
Aaron Coutinho
IT Analyst
Elementary Helpdesk Technician - Helping out teachers and students with Tech issues and Troubleshooting.
Kiran Jayaram
Network Analyst
Kiran is your go-to guy for any wireless, cisco IP phones and an expert in network troubleshooting. Fun Fact: Kiran really enjoys an outing with friends. He would travel to the past if given the chance, because he had such a great experience attending school.
IT Helpdesk Coordinator
Yaseen assists the Helpdesk team by creating Helpdesk tickets for students, faculty and staff who walk in. He creates purchase orders for all IT related purchases and is also the liaison between the High School IT Department and the Purchasing/Business Department. Fun Fact: He gets inspiration from The Office for good prank ideas. Hide a cellphone in the ceiling and then keep calling! Yaseen loves fast cars and space. He would really appreciate it if someone could make a fast car that can fly to space so that he can live there in the future.
Daniff Verbo
IT Helpdesk Analyst
Daniff supports the IT Helpdesk. Fun Fact: Daniff cheers up when he sees people smiling, so make sure to smile every time you see him. His favorite family tradition is Curacha - a couple or partner present their dance on a specific music with a piece of cloth or a handkerchief placed in the dance floor where generous family members, friends, etc., place/share their money voluntarily.
Louie Baluya
IT Helpdesk Analyst
Louie is a new member to the IT Department. Not sure what he does yet, but I bet it's awesome! Fun Fact: If Louie could choose to travel to the future or the past, he would choose the past to correct things that he has done wrong. Mostly because he imagines he could be a genius and create Loougle (Google). Saving the planet and becoming a rich genius! Louie also loves the art of karaoke. He and his family have a tradition of singing during the holidays, weekends, birthdays or whenever there's a chance for family bonding.
Steffy Francis
IT Helpdesk Analyst
I'm dealing with website updates,sharepoint and POS set up. Fun fact:I love to spend time with my friends and watching movies.Music is another thing that makes me happy.
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